Mnet release 2015 Mobile and Wearables Report

The ‘rise of mobile’ continues to power forward, with over half of internet traffic coming from mobile devices. With this progression also comes the continual evolution of mobile-related technologies. Whilst there is much hype and focus around these technologies, this report aims to uncover where Australians really are in terms of awareness, usage, ownership, and purchase intentions of wearable and other mobile-related technologies, as well as what consumers are purchasing with their mobile devices.

Kia Game On

Globally awarded app KIA Game On brings the action from the Australian Open into consumers’ lounge rooms, enabling views to play tennis against their TV, with KIA achieving record monthly sales.


  • device sensors
  • interface design
  • usability
  • mobile marketing

The Big Adventure

We used sophisticated audio watermarking technology, combined with gyrometer, accelerometer and timer, to ensure that viewers had to watch the TV show live or online for their chance to dig and win prizes.


  • device sensors
  • interface design
  • usability
  • mobile marketing

SBS World Cup™ Shoot Out

SBS is Australia’s Official Broadcaster of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ and has joined forces with Kia to give you the chance to experience first-hand what it’s like to be in the firing line.


  • device sensors
  • interface design
  • usability
  • mobile marketing

Qantas QView

Mnet has supported QView by designing an immersive HTML5 responsive design website for multiple screens – mobile ‘phone, tablet and laptop.


  • responsive design
  • HTML5
  • systems integration
  • mobile advertising

IncSnap Fire

Mnet created a world-first, award winning App that enables ‘first-response’ emergency services to provide critical incident information to central command centres quickly and securely. Central command centres are now able make faster, more informed and accurate decisions, helping save property and lives.


  • interface design
  • usability
  • systems integration
  • security


  • MNET Showreel

about us


Mobile devices are truly personal.

We believe the power of mobile and tablet devices will transform the way we live and that this transformation will affect every aspect of our work and personal lives.

Having a single place for brands to develop and execute engaging mobile strategies is critical to their growth.

In fact we believe it’s critical to their survival.


At the end of the day it’s all about the experience.

That means intuitive and stunning  user interfaces; it means a rewarding engagement; it means anticipating what technology can provide and what users need from your brand in a real-time, access-anywhere, satisfy-me-now brand experience.

And it means building and deploying the assets and marketing plans that connect our clients with their customers in a truly personal way.


Our team of 60 specialists across Australia and the USA thrives in a high performance culture that values innovation, collaboration and curiosity.

Above all else, we value our relationships with clients and the exceptional results we consistently deliver. You’ll find that our people will tirelessly seek to be your mobile partner, not your mobile provider.

It is this commitment to partnership and a shared sense of pride and ownership of results that truly unlocks the value that leveraging mobile technology can bring your business.


We have been pioneers in user-centred mobile engagement services since 2001.

On that journey we’ve stayed at the forefront of every technical innovation in mobile and we continually work to stay there.

We have learned a lot along the way and developed a whole range of technologies that enable us to support your business. For your business this means we take the complexity out of the evolving mobile ecosystem and translate this into innovative and robust mobile solutions.

Let mobile and Mnet be part of your success.

what we do

  • Strategy Consulting

    Our strategists have a deep understanding of both mobile technology and user behaviour trends. We will identify and prioritise opportunities to bring mobile into your mainstream digital strategy.

    We will lead the research, concept ideation and roadmap planning process; unlocking insights that will deliver mobile value-multipliers for your marketing and enterprise solutions.

    • Research
    • Concept ideation
    • Solution design
    • Technical design
    • Whole-of-business mobile
    • Investment planning
    • Business process optimisation
  • Technology and Development

    Our customer-focused project management team and world-class developers will bring your mobile web or app requirements to life.

    Our team collectively has decades of experience in iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5, Rich Media, Nokia and Blackberry, as well as complex back-end systems integration and development.

    Our goal is straightforward – to deliver you world’s best practice for your anywhere/anytime mobile solution.

    • Mobile websites
    • iOS apps
    • Android apps
    • Windows Phone apps
    • HTML5 web apps
    • Blackberry apps
    • Rich Media
    • Business process solutions
    • Complex Integration
    • API development
  • Marketing and Analytics

    We’d like you to focus on getting excited about the results we will deliver! Our role is to take care of everything else.

    We will plan your mobile media strategy, buy your media placements and optimise your results. We’ll develop and execute innovative cross-platform campaigns and manage your Trade Promotions across online, SMS and IVR.

    The 400+ integrated campaigns we’ve managed in the past year is exactly the preparation we need to meet your mobile marketing needs; and we’re here to help if you don’t quite know what they should be.

    • Media strategy, planning, buying & execution
    • Social media strategy
    • Mobile search – SEM & SEO
    • Trade promotions
    • SMS, IVR, MMS services
    • QR codes & image recognition
    • Opt-In Management
    • Mobile SEO & SEM
    • Campaign analytics
    • Site-side analytics
  • Creative Services

    Our team specialises in designing award-winning mobile experiences using best practice and user-centred design processes.

    Our foundation is a 12-year pedigree in mobile, but for us every project is an opportunity to innovate, encouraged by our compassion for the user and strong sense of curiosity.

    That means fast, attractive and highly usable apps and mobile websites and brilliant ads and content.

    • Information design
    • Interface design
    • Usability
    • Visual design
    • Audio production
    • Storyboarding
    • Graphical optimisations
  • Enterprise Solutions

    Our enterprise solutions team will work with your business and technical teams to develop and implement your whole-of-business mobile investment roadmap.

    Come and talk to us about our hosted and client-deployed solution options and our extensive experience integrating cross-platform business solutions into the mobile web and app domain.

    We will help deliver the productivity benefits and cost savings that will transform your business and the quality-of-work-life enhancements that will engage and motivate your staff.

    • Whole-of-business mobile
    • Investment planning
    • Business process optimisation
    • Field force automation
    • Hosted solutions
    • Systems integration
  • Mobile Media Buying

    Mnet’s mobile media team works with the leading Australian and overseas publishers to access both premium inventory and data-driven RTB inventory.

    Our technologies measure and optimise performance across thousands of sites and a multitude of formats, providing universal and robust analytics and client results along with beneficial rates and added value.

    Mnet has unique access to AU audiences on global websites that do not have representation within Australia, providing our clients the broadest pool of inventory to utilise in campaign buys.

    Beyond banners, video and rich media the Mnet team has relationships with key sponsorship properties, content producers and gaming companies including Rovio to enhance the impact of media buys.

    • Media buying
    • Mobile search – SEM & SEO
    • Campaign analytics


work we’re proud of

  • Kia Game On

    Challenge: Maximise viewer engagement for Kia’s sponsorship and build consumer understanding of KIA brand and product of the Australian Open.

    Solution: Mnet brought the action from the Australian Open into consumers’ lounge rooms, enabling views to play tennis against their TV. The campaign challenged viewers to return the world’s fastest serve from Sam Groth, using their phone as a tennis racquet to win a KIA Cerato and loads of instant prizes. The app also enabled consumers to place themselves on centre court, challenge and play against their friends via social integration, answer a quiz for additional entries in the draw. The platform is supported by a campaign that consists of a number of ads featuring different serves, an online practice court, digital outdoor and activations.

    KIA Game On and Mnet’s globally patented technology ‘Hark’ that powers it, has been globally recognised across 2014 and 2015 for innovation, creativity, marketing, brand awareness, media, technology, gaming and bravery.

    Results:Across 2014/15 KIA Game On amassed over 370,000 downloads with users from over 111 countries. On average, players spent 19.36 minutes with the App with 53,000 users putting themselves on the court with the new panorama feature. The App reached #1 in the top free games both the App Store & Google Play, 79% of players more positive about the KIA brand, organic web traffic doubled and KIA achieved record monthly sales.

    Download and play: The Kia “Game On” App is available in the app or play stores.

    • iOS Apps
    • Android
    • UX
    • Audio Recognition
    • Support
    • Device Sensors
    • work slider 14
    • work slider 14
    • work slider 14
    • work slider 14
    • work slider 14

  • The Big Adventure

    Challenge: The Big Adventure was Network Seven’s big new reality format for 2014. Contestants compete in a series of tasks for the right to dig for a golden key; twelve of which are buried in a sandy grid. Ultimately one of these golden key would unlock a treasure box which contains a million dollars. The TV show had all the thrills, spills and drama you’d expect of a high budget production. But how could we share that adrenalin and fun with viewers at home? And how could we build and maintain show audiences, and fuel social chatter?

    Solution: We created a companion App that got Australians off their couches and digging for keys in their own lounge. We used sophisticated audio watermarking technology, combined with gyrometer, accelerometer and timer, to ensure that viewers had to watch the TV show live or online for their chance to dig and win prizes.

    Results: To viewers around Australia this Global-first TV innovation seemed like magic as their shovel came alive. Our App was the single most successful TV Show App – ever.

    • Game Design
    • Second-screen
    • Device Sensors
    • UX
    • iPhone
    • Android
    • work slider 12
    • work slider 12
    • work slider 12
    • work slider 12

  • SBS World Cup Shoot Out

    Challenge: Engage world cup viewers with an interactive second-screen experience.

    Solution: We precisely mapped the trajectory and speed of the world cup’s most famous goals from Beckham, Zidane and Totti. Using our patented HARK second-screen technology we gave viewers the chance to be the goalie and see if they can save them and change history.

    Results: Played for almost 4000 hours across the tournament and regarded as the most successful mobile app associated with world cup sponsors.

    • Game Design
    • Second-screen
    • Device Sensors
    • UX
    • iPhone
    • Android
    • work slider 10
    • work slider 10
    • work slider 10

  • Qantas QView

    Challenge: Re-invent the in-lounge airline experience and make it easier for passengers to view content, and their flight details.

    Solution: A responsive web portal tailored to each passenger that includes their flight status (on time, boarding or delayed), which gate, how many minutes to walk to the gate, and even the weather at their destination.

    Results: Being rolled out across Australia from August 2014.

    • Responsive Design
    • Interaction Design
    • HTML5
    • Visual Design
    • work slider 11
    • work slider 11
    • work slider 11

  • IncSnap

    Challenge: Enable first-response emergency services to quickly and securely send back critical incident information.

    Solution: Our iPhone app is accessible by all 3,700 QFES first responders and now part of the official response process.

    Results: IncSnap has been used at 500+ incidents and contributed to saving property and lives.

    • iOS Apps
    • Security
    • UX
    • Testing
    • Support
    • work slider 13
    • work slider 13
    • work slider 13

  • Paranormal Activity 3 – Rich Media execution

    Challenge: Promote the theatrical release of the thriller Paranormal Activity 3 using a strategy beyond the ‘click to’ function, whilst continuing to build ticket purchase intent via mobile.

    Solution: The rich media advertising execution was built to takeover the Yahoo!US mobile homepage with a fake headline. Whilst reading the ‘breaking news’ about a cellular breakdown, the user’s mobile screen then displayed a static connection before rolling into the Paranormal Activity motion picture details & ticketing information.

    Results: This ground-breaking execution teased the ever-hungry mobile consumer by creating new and engaging form to interact with. Enjoying an 8 percent click- through rate and 12 million impressions it won Adweek’s 2012 Media Plan of the Year in the “Best Use of Mobile” category. The program helped to push Paranormal Activity 3 to the No. 1 position at the US box office.

    • Rich Media
    • HTML5
    • Concept Ideation
    • Interaction Design
    • Visual Design
    • work slider 3
    • work slider 3
    • work slider 3
  • Quickbeds – Mobile Site

    Challenge: Flight Centre engaged Mnet to re-design and re-build the existing Quickbeds mobile site to deliver best practice merchandising and booking of hotels on 3”-8” smartphone/tablet devices in line with their current marketing strategy.

    Solution: A disciplined user-centred design process resulted in a highly customised HTML5 site that includes personalisation features, fast progress through the booking funnel and great merchandising along the way.

    Results: The site offers a rich and frictionless ride through booking. It’s newly launched and we can’t wait to see how customers respond.

    • Mobile Website
    • HTML5
    • Complex Integration
    • Information Design
    • Usability
    • Interaction Design
    • Testing
    • Support
    • work slider 7
    • work slider 7

latest news

Our latest posts and rants

Mnet & UM Launch Coke Summer Interactive OOH Panels


Brief/ Challenge

Teenagers are an often hard to reach audience using traditional media – Over summer, they are out and about enjoying life, spending a lot of time interacting with their friends both in the real world (and online) and typically shy away from let alone engage with, traditional advertising. Across summer, Coke are always looking for new ways to connect with, and be close to teens whilst they are out and about, enjoying their everyday summer moments.



Teenagers are a typically hard to reach audience, but by putting mobile at the heart of the campaign we could bring Coke into their summer, wherever they are. To create something that teens would engage with, we leveraged their love of gaming, school holidays and combined them with their permanently attached mobile phone.

To make a moment come alive, we recognised that Coke needed to be present in that moment. Combining both the strength of mobile and Out of home media, we created a light-hearted, interactive experience for teens. The game lets teens turn their phone into a controller that connects remotely to an OOH panel as the game screen, to play to win icy cold cans of coke – dispensed directly from the OOH panel.

We installed these OOH panels in 11 locations across 3 cities, only in places relevant to a teens summer including Pitt St. Mall in Sydney and Melbourne Central Station. The exciting challenge to win the game was only fueled further by the chance to win an icy cold can of Coke, dispensed immediately from the digital OOH panel upon winning. Creating instant rewards like this excited and enhanced the experience, and literally put Coke into the summer moment.


Across two weeks, we had over 3,976 teens throw over 22,434 ice cubes from their phones to win 2,368 icy cold cans of coke…. Whilst also building an engaged re-targeting pool for ongoing summer campaigns…

With an average dwell time of 11:42 minutes and 56% of teens playing multiple times, who said your phone and an outdoor panel couldn’t put product in the hands of consumers?

Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services App

department of communities

In late 2015 Mnet was engaged by the Department to design and develop a mobile application across iOS, Android and Windows operating systems that enables the Department to provide critical information to Ready Reserve volunteer and permanent staff that are deployed in the field to assist in community recovery from disaster events. Mnet was engaged at short notice to meet this key requirement under aggressive timelines prior to the 2015/16 cyclone and bushfire season in Queensland, and the project was delivered on time and on budget.

department of communities 2


The application and its back-end Content Management System and administration console provides the means for the Department to provide real-time information relating to policies, procedures, tactical contact and event information, tactical response scenarios and event-specific documentation, notifications and other information to in-field response staff. The overriding goal of the application was to provide essential information in an intuitive interface in real time and to enable field staff to feel INFORMED, SAFE and SUPPORTED

Mnet developed the application on the Xamarin framework enabling an efficient and effective application delivered across the three target operating systems with a single codebase. The enterprise grade open source CMS supports real-time event management and information delivery to multiple concurrent events entirely controlled by Department administrators.

MMA APAC ‘Smarties’ Top Up Massive Awards Tally for Mnet

Australia’s most awarded mobile solutions agency Mnet has continued its winning spree, capturing 14 Asia Pacific and Australian awards in the past week, bringing the agency’s awards total to 25 in 2015 and to 52 in the past 18 months.

The agency’s latest awards haul was led by Gold, Silver and Bronze awards at the 2015 Mobile Marketing Association APAC  ‘Smarties’ Awards announced at the end of last week along with 9 Australian App Design  and 2 SAIMX awards. The Smarties Gold is for Mnet’s ‘INCSnap’ app for  Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Silver for ‘The Big Adventure’ app for Network Seven and Bronze for the ‘MyMacquarie’ app for AMP Capital.

Mnet’s awards in the past 18 months have recognised the agency’s capabilities in creativity, technology, innovation, mobile, media, gaming, branded entertainment, ecommerce, sports marketing and overall business performance. Seven clients have featured in the awards tally including Kia (Game On), Victorian Electoral Commission (Vote Victoria), IOOF (financial services) and Australian Government Department of Veteran Affairs (Gallipoli).

“The breath of industry recognition highlights the enormous depth of talent at Mnet, and our ability to deliver on wide and varied client challenges,” said Mnet CEO Scott Player. “I am very proud of the high standards the team has achieved in the past 18 months and with many new, unique mobile solutions currently performing very well for clients, the trend for leading work is continuing.”

Mnet is part of the IPG Mediabrands Australia group. The business was acquired by Mediabrands in February 2013 and works for many independent clients as well as clients from within the Mediabrands group.


Tourism Tasmania launches Tasmanian Tales

A new client for Initiative, the first campaign to launch for Tourism Tasmania is entitled Tasmanian Tales. It includes an exciting, new, interactive, expanding cube, where the user is able to click on the standard banner or MREC to see the ad unit expand into a motion-sensitive cube. From here the user can move the cube with a tilt of their smartphone, or a swipe with their finger. The engaging creative is broken out into 7 stories, all telling tales from different regions of Tasmania. The story captures audiences through video, audio and high-impact display across Pandora and Spotify, complimented further with the interactive cube.

IMG_4406  IMG_4405Web Display

Mnet releases “2015 Mobile and Wearables Report”

“At Mnet, we are always seeking to find the latest technologies, and through our own investment in R&D, identify ways to utilise new technologies to provide commercial utility for clients.

In the last 12 months, we have built solutions that utilise wearables, beacons, wifi, audio watermarking, virtual reality, developed and patented our own technology, and licensed/introduced new technologies to Australia.

One thing’s for sure – the landscape is going to continue to change, rapidly. And with this rate of change, it’s increasingly difficult for brands to plan/invest/build/launch and stay at the cutting edge of these technologies.

As such we’re committed to investing in this research to monitor, track and understand the technology landscape in Australia – fromboth a consumer perspective as well as how these technologies could provide utility for brands.

Please find access to the report here:


If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d be more than happy to hear them at

Cheers – Scott.”

Mnet CEO.

The AFL and Mnet Launch Interactive App for Toyota AFL Grand Final Week

The AFL this week launches EXPLORE AFL, an engaging, ‘event accompaniment’ App aimed to provide supporters with interactive content and experiences in and around Toyota AFL Grand Final Week events. The new interactive platform has been developed in partnership with Australia’s most awarded mobile solutions agency, Mnet Mobile.

EXPLORE AFL, available on both iOS and Android platforms, allows fans at AFL events across Melbourne to access exclusive AFL content such as videos, maps, vouchers, offers, prizes and locked content related to Toyota AFL Grand Final Week events. The App also allows the AFL to connect with supporters throughout the week with push messaging and other location and event-specific content.

EXPLORE AFL is powered by world’s most extensive mobile platform for interactive engagement between location-based events and their customers, ‘Phigital’. Mnet is the exclusive Australian distributor for the technology developed in the USA by Phigital Inc.

“Partnering the AFL in the busiest week of their sporting calendar is a great showcase for this technology,” said Scott Player, CEO of Mnet. “The experiences available for consumers extend the engagement and interactivity of AFL’s events allowing deeper engagement with the sport”.

Peter Campbell, General Manager of AFL Media, said, “We are entering a new age of how we engage and interact with fans during Toyota AFL Grand Final Week. The ability to manage all content remotely, whilst updating content and information as it happens is another great extension of the event experience. In addition to the AFL Live App powered by Telstra, Australia’s most deployed and utilised sporting application, EXPLORE AFL complements and enhances our fans’ experience in the biggest week of the AFL calendar.”

AFL EXPLORE is available on the App Store and Google Play.

World’s leading mobile engagement platform, Xplore, launches in Australia

Xplore, the world’s most extensive mobile platform for interactive engagement between location-based businesses and their consumers, is launching this week in Australia.

Xplore is an end-to-end platform that enables businesses to create and deliver highly engaging, location-based mobile experiences for consumers.

The new platform has been developed by San Francisco based technology business Phigital Inc, which has selected Australia’s most awarded mobile solutions company, Mnet, as its Australian launch and distribution partner.

Xplore is ideal for venues (such as bars and restaurants), travel and tourism businesses, retailers, and creators of large-scale events (including sports, concerts, festivals and shows). These businesses are able to launch and manage iOS, Android and web experiences for their locations using a variety of cutting-edge platform tools. Using the platform, businesses are able to encourage consumer interaction and deepen their engagement with real-world events and locations.

“In the past, budget and development time meant many brands couldn’t utilise mobile effectively for events and physical location experiences” said Travis Johnson, CEO of Mnet. “Xplore is a big leap forward for brands looking to connect with consumers on-location in a highly engaging and cost effective way.

“Xplore enables brands to understand exactly who their consumers are, what they’re interested in, where they are, what they do, and can connect with them beyond their on-location interactions,” Johnson explains. “Full analytics and integration into third party systems such as loyalty programs or CRM make Xplore both a viable short and long-term option for brands”.

The Xplore platform is very flexible and powers standalones Apps, works as an SDK in a client’s existing App or by integrating into desktop and mobile websites. At the touch of a button in the intuitive CMS, all platforms are updated natively without needing to issue a new release of the App.

Paul Cheng, CEO and co-founder of Phigital, said; “After developing and optimising the platform over the past two years we are seeing great success with clients in the USA and wanted to look for innovative partners to represent the technology in overseas markets. We chose Mnet for Australia based on their fantastic client portfolio and extensive technology capabilities. We understand Mnet is already underway in discussions with major tourism bodies, sporting organisations and retail companies which is a positive sign”.

Xplore has a variety of cost-effective pricing solutions and is available now:

About Mnet

Mnet is Asia-Pacific’s most awarded, full service mobile solutions and communications business. A national team of 60 mobile and technology specialists thrive in a high performance culture that values innovation, collaboration and curiosity. Above all else, we value our relationships with clients and the exceptional results we consistently deliver across 5 core business pillars: Marketing Solutions, Content and Commerce, Competitions and Promotions, Media & Analytics and Enterprise solutions. Mnet is a division of IPG Mediabrands, Australia’s fastest growing media communications group. For more information on Mnet, please visit

About Phigital

Phigital Inc. is global technology company with offices in San Francisco, New York and Athens. The founding team has significant experience in Mobile, Ad Tech, Telecommunications, and Travel & Entertainment. Phigital has developed its patent-pending platform to help brands use mobile to orchestrate engaging consumer experiences at scale. For more information on Phigital Inc, please visit


It’s Official: Google will begin to Rank Mobile-Friendly Sites Higher

If you don’t already have a mobile or responsive site, now is the time to get one. Google recently announced algorithm updates that will have a significant impact on mobile search results worldwide for mobile searchers. With more than half of web traffic coming from mobile and 87% of consumers using their mobile devices to conduct searches at least once a day, you can imagine how costly this could be in terms of lost mobile traffic and revenue for businesses without mobile friendly sites.

Google has already been annotating mobile-friendly pages for searchers in an effort to help influence mobile searchers toward a better mobile experience. On April 21, these annotations will become part of the ranking algorithm, affecting the order of search results directly. The update improves rankings for sites that provide a mobile-friendly experience to searchers on mobile devices, and, by association, demotes sites that do not. The goal is to improve searcher experience as it can be frustrating to search on a phone and land on a page that’s so tiny you can’t accurately click the links without pinching and zooming and scrolling to find the right text or links. Google is converting that frustration into an improvement in its search results, so that more mobile searchers will land on sites with positive mobile experiences.

The algorithm will be applied worldwide, page by page and on a real-time basis. The algorithm update affects mobile searchers and search results in all countries at the same time, rather than just rolling out in the US first. Each page’s mobile friendliness is judged separately. That’s good news if your ecommerce catalogue is mobile friendly but your forums or other content sections are not as unfriendly sections will not cause your entire site to be ranked as unfriendly. Mobile rankings will be ranked in real time so as soon as pages becomes mobile friendly; the mobile-friendly ranking algorithm would kick in for those pages.

Content from indexed Android apps can now be ranked in search results for searchers who are signed in to Google and have that Android app installed on their mobile device. iOS apps will not be included in this app ranking improvement as Google has no access to Apple’s iTunes database.

Mnet, the world’s most awarded mobile agency

Australian mobile solutions business Mnet has attained a status as the world’s most awarded mobile communications agency following a string of new accolades in 2015 that add to national, regional and global recognition achieved last year.

So far in 2015 Mnet has won eight local and global awards that build on a tally of 27 won in 2014. Since January, the Global Mobile Awards named Mnet as winner of categories for The Most Innovative App and Best Mobile Advertising and Marketing. In Australia, industry body AIMIA awarded Mnet with Best Smartphone or Tablet App in two categories (Government and Entertainment) and local trade media Adnews has named Mnet as Specialist Agency of the Year.

In 2014 Mnet’s accolades included Best Specialist Agency from B&T, Silver for Best Specialist Agency at Campaign Asia Awards, Best in Show plus three additional category wins at the Asia Pacific Mobile Marketing Association, one from the Global Mobile Marketing Association awards, three Spikes Asia wins, a category winner from the Media Federation of Australia, four winners from the Locus Awards, three winners from the Australian Mobile Design Awards, and an iAward amongst others.

The awards span categories for innovation, creativity, bravery, media, technology/apps, overall agency results, brand awareness and gaming across many government and business sectors. The accolades have been given for various Mnet developments including its breakthrough work for automotive client KIA with the “Game On” app, for Mnet’s globally patented HARK technology, Channel Seven’s The Big Adventure, The Gallipoli campaign for the Department of Veterans Affairs and for Queensland Fire and Rescue Services with a unique disaster coordination App called INCSnap.

“Mobile continues to be the world’s fastest evolving marketing communications platform,” said Mnet CEO Travis Johnson. “Awards recognition benchmarks our work against global competition and most importantly are voted by our peers and high-profile CMOs.” Johnson continued, “I’m most proud of the variety of work that has been awarded across so many of our projects. This work sets our current innovation benchmark that the team strives to surpass with our next client solutions.”

Henry Tajer, incoming global CEO of IPG Mediabrands and executive chairman of the Australia group, said Mnet had become a worldwide leader in mobile innovation and effectiveness by investing and backing its talented team, as well as demonstrating to clients the value of investing in the mobile channel and technology. “In just over two years since we acquired the Mnet business, Travis and his team have built Mnet into a power house that is highlighted by its awards recognition. The level of innovation Mnet adds to our clients business complements the many world-class services Mediabrands delivers.”


Mnet is the world’s most awarded mobile agency.

Mnet has been recognised both locally and globally spanning creativity, innovation, gaming, mobile media, bravery, technology and marketing across both private and public sectors. A Recent awards include two Global Mobile Awards for ‘Best marketing’ and ‘Most innovative app’, both B&T and Adnews ‘Specialist Agency of the Year’, ‘Best in Show’ at the APAC Mobile Marketing Awards and Locus Awards, among many others.

The recognition of Mnet’s work across 2014/15 currently totals 35 awards.



Mnetters share a passion for technology and creating amazing mobile experiences. We work as an open and collaborative family where everyone is encouraged to express their individual creativity and enthusiasm. We are more than 60 family members strong across Australia and as you can imagine we are growing rapidly as the mobile sector takes off.

As a full-service mobile agency we do A LOT in mobile; from strategy to design and development of mobile solutions, media planning and buying, SMS competitions and promotions as well as enterprise solutions. So it’s an understatement to say we’ve having a busy time.

We’re a bunch that is extremely proud of our work, but it’s not just us who think we’re top operators. Here’s some local and global recognition that has come our way over the past 12 months:

  • Most Innovative Mobile App & Best Mobile Advertising and Marketing – Global Mobile Awards 2015
  • Both B&T and Adnews awarded Mnet ‘Specialist Agency of the Year 2014’
  • AIMIA – Best Smartphone/Tablet App in BOTH the Government and Entertainment categories
  • Adnews Media Campaign of the year
  • Featured in Anthill’s SMART Top 100 Innovations of 2014
  • Best in Show, LOCUS Awards for Innovation 2014

On top of creating great work and winning awards, we are also proud of some of our own statistics year-on-year:

  • Boat parties – 3 (up 300%)
  • Nerf Guns – 6 (new addition in 2014)
  • Hackathons – 2 (up 100%)
  • CEO doing the worm at nights’ out – 28 (down 22%)
  • Cider consumption (down 25%)
  • Pinot Grigio consumption (up 80%)
  • Mnet Family Dinners – 8 (up 50%)
  • Mnet late night stacks-on wrestling matches – 3 (up 300%)

Some impressive numbers there, that we look forward to updating as we go.

Mnet is also part of the IPG Mediabrands network and in Australia we are the fastest growing full-service marketing communications group designed for the new era of consumer and brand engagement.

Interested in joining the Mnet team?

Interested in joining the Mediabrands network?


Please get in touch via the form below or the phone numbers listed:

Call 1300 851 419 Customer Service/Support


100 Chalmers Street
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010, Australia
Sales +61 2 8373 2235


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